Why Solicit My Services

Why Solicit My Services?


Each person is unique; consequently, there is no set protocol that I follow based on a diagnosis or condition. Using the intake form, consultation, and in person observation, I develop a treatment plan including a home program.

I have fine-tuned my listening skills and intuition to be able to choose the appropriate healing modalities that are right for you. The treatment is adjusted from one session to the next depending on how the client responds.

This applies especially to children with special needs: a specific diagnosis does not determine the protocol. Through presence, interaction, and observation, the work upfolds. Where do we start? How do we begin to unravel and release old patterns so that we can build anew?

Development is ongoing and changes from one instance to the next. Instead of a formal assessment of postural reflexes, I prefer ongoing assessment based on observation and progress from one session to the next.


About 70% of my therapy relies on the Masgutova Neurostructural Reflex Integration program. I do, however, use other effective therapies: Qigong Healing, specialized and applied kinesiology, Neurolinguistic Programming, relaxation techniques, emotional clearing, Brain Gym®, sound therapy and others. This is at my discretion. 

For the home program I share easy, powerful, and effective techniques in support of my client’s spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental health. I teach families selfcare so they can take responsibility for their own healing.

Ongoing Support:

Expect to receive a follow up email with suggestions and reminders from our latest therapy session. In addition, I am always available by email to answer a question or clarify a technique. This is at no extra cost. 

Always seeking and sharing:

I am on a lifelong quest to understand the healing process, the human psyche, and ways to live a fuller, healthier life. I continually share my insights and discoveries with my clients, finding simple ways to apply this knowledge to enhance their lives.