Stress and Overwhelm

Stress and Overwhelm  

The Frontal Occipital Hold

Adapted from One Brain (Stokes and Whiteside)

When to do this technique 

  • You are experiencing stress or trauma.  
  • You are preparing for a test or speaking in front of a group. 
  • You are setting your goals for the day. 

Why this works 

Placing your hands simultaneously on the front brain and back brain moves the electrical energy from the back brain to the front brain to mitigate the effects of stress. Under stress, we tend to shut down our capacity for critical thinking and decision-making as we mobilize for the flight/flight/freeze response. 

How to do the Frontal Occipital Hold 

Notice: Identify where in your body you are experiencing stress or anxiety. Give is a coefficient from one to 10, 10 being the highest level of stress. 

  1. Place one hand across your forehead. Your little finger will be lying across your eyebrows; your thumb will be at the edge of your hairline. 
  1. Now place the other hand on the occipital bone, at the base of the skull just above your neck. You will immediately begin to experience a sense of calm and safety as the electrical energy flows between your two hands. Alternatively, a friend or family member can do the holding for you. 
  1. Continue for 2-3 minutes or until you experience a sense of calm and completion  

Notice: Give your stress level a coefficient of one to 10. Has it changed? 


  • Brings a sense of calm and feeling grounded. 
  • Calms the brain. 
  • Clears the mind. 
  • Can releases negative emotions.  
  • Reduces stress.