Qigong Distance Healing

Qigong Distance Healing

Credit: Davi

Qi, is the essence of life which animates all our existence. It has many names: the Japanese call it “Ki”, the Indians, “Prana” or “Shakti”, Hawaiians refer to it as “Ha” or “Mana”, and Christians call it “the Holy Spirit”.

Whatever you call it, it is the same essence of life that we recognize in the taste of a freshly picked tomato from our garden in comparison to the greenhouse variety found in the middle of winter at the grocery store.  The difference between the two is the amount of qi each holds.  

Qigong is the cultivation of qi. In qigong distance healing, the beneficiary of the healing is not in the same physical space as the practitioner. The practitioner mobilizes qi for the client’s benefit using specialized techniques.

Distance Healing is available for all ages and conditions. It is appropriate for both longstanding and recent issues. Particularly beneficial when dealing with challenging cases, it can turn around a seemingly hopeless situation. 

How this works

Fill out an intake form identifying the key issues. Clients must commit to a minimum of 3 sessions. You will be notified ahead of time as to when the sessions will take place, usually at 2–3-week intervals over a 6-week period or more.  You can continue with your usual activities while the healing takes place. You will receive an email follow up sharing any pertinent information along with recommendations when applicable. No online booking is required. 

Why this works

The emerging field of quantum biology has made us challenge our assumptions about reality. When we examine reality at the subatomic level, the Newtonian laws of physics no longer apply. In qigong healing, we work in the field, a non-local realm where there is no time, space, or matter.  This service is offered as an initial bundle of three sessions. After the initial bundle, we may advise further treatment.

Cost for initial bundle of 3 sessions: $258.00
Follow up sessions: $82.00