On Demand Courses

On Demand Courses

Braingym Plus

Supporting the individual needs of your students or participants to achieve excellence.

Target group

Teachers/ facilitators of groups or students of all ages. 


Develop a program of brain-based movement exercises specific to your group or classroom situation. Training and support in applying the program.


Create an environment of cooperation and mutual support.  Improve critical thinking skills, focus, organizational skills, and group coherence, regardless of age.

Length of program

3 ninety-minute sessions. Included in the cost is email support in between sessions.
Fee: $595.00

For follow up after completion of the program, see cost of follow-up online sessions.

for Brain Gym Plus

Mentorship Program

Creating excellence in your private practice.

Target group

Psychotherapist, social workers, healers and other practitioners in the helping professions with a minimum of two years’ experience in private practice.


  • Self-Empowerment
    Program: self-healing, self-care, self-balance. On-going maintenance of your energy body. 
  • Client Relationship
    Program: Create an environment of trust with your clients. Develop deep listening skills. Create and maintain a safe space.
  • Goal Setting
    Program: Criteria for goal setting. Listening beyond words. Programming for success.

Length and frequency

Each module consists of 3 two-hour sessions, usually every two to three weeks for a total of 18 contact hours. Included in the cost is email support in between sessions.

How this works

This is a one-on-one program. Meetings are held online at times convenient for both parties. This program requires reflection and practice outside of class time. Participants are expected to complete relevant assignments in between sessions.

The more you invest, the better the results.


Registration for Module one only: $695.00
Registration for Module one and two: $1190.00
Registration for all three modules: $1485.00
Payment options available.  Please inquire.
For groups, please inquire.