Lost Confidence in Myself

Lost Confidence in Myself 

Tibetan Chakra Balance 

Adapted from Tibetan Medicine, Tibetan Medicine: A Practical and Inspirational Guide to Diagnosing, Treating and Healing the Buddhist Way by Gerti Samel, 2001. 

When to do this technique 

  • You have lost confidence in yourself.  
  • You are getting into a lot of negative self-talk. 
  • You doubt your ability to achieve what you most desire. 

Why it works 

This simple technique allows you to recharge and balance major energy centres in the body, called chakras. This includes both output and input. You do not have to believe in the existence of chakras for it to work. Just approach with an open mind and relax while doing the technique. Most of us are familiar with the heart chakra. When you are with loved ones or doing something you love, you feel your heart expand and synchronize with your whole environment. This has been well documented by the Heart Math Institute. Like the Grinch in How the Grinch Stole Christmas, you will feel your heart grow three sizes larger.   

Well, guess what? Your other energy centres, each with a particular role to play in human functioning, will also get into sync. For example, balancing our lower chakras translates into more strength and resolve, allowing you to manifest more readily what you want. Balancing your upper chakras can turn on your intuition, giving you more clarity around a situation or a decision you need to make.  

How to do the Tibetan chakra balance 

This exercise is best done lying down, especially when you are first starting out. However, it can be done sitting or even standing as well.  

Notice: Take a moment to bring your awareness to any areas of discomfort, pain, or agitation. 

Now bring your attention to your breath, without changing your breathing. Simple become aware of your breath. The inflow and outflow. Let your mind follow the natural movement of your breath. 

Hold each of the following positions for 3 minutes or more. Eventually with practice, you will feel the shift in the energy of the chakras you are balancing and will know when to move on to the next set. 

  1. Cross both hands over the heart chakra: left hand under right in the middle of the breastbone.  
  1. Place right hand on throat chakra: thumb and middle fingers rest just above the collar bone. Left hand on the solar plexus, thumb touches the end of the breastbone. 
  1. Right hand at the base of your skull: wrist and middle finger touching the edge. Left had on the navel. Thumb touches the navel. 
  1. Right hand lightly at the crown, at the top of the head. Left hand at the root chakra, directly on the pubic bone. 
  1. Keep left hand on pubic bone, place right hand on heart chakra 
  1. Now place your left hand on your heart and your right hand on your crown chakra. 
  1. Place left hand beneath the right on top of the heart chakra.  
  1. Do whole body stretch lengthways and then with your arms encircling your knees, hug them to your chest as you exhale. 

Additional considerations: if you are lying down for the exercise, you might find that you fall asleep before completing it. This is not a problem: you benefit just the same. 

At the completion, notice any positive changes. 


  • Releases negative emotions and negative self-talk, especially about ourself 
  • Increases energy 
  • Improves our ability to manifest the life we desire 
  • Improves sleep quality 
  • Reduces stress