Fatigue and Brain Fog

Fatigue and Brain Fog 

The following activity can be performed anywhere and will help combat fatigue and brain fog.

Body Regulator Tapping 

When to do this

Image of woman holding temples to represent Fatigue and Brain Fog 
  • Experiencing generalized and local pain 
  • Brain fog, trouble thinking clearly 
  • Coming down with a cold 
  • Fatigue, often feeling tired in the middle of the day 

Why this works 

  • You are clearing and energizing two major body organs: the kidney and the spleen.  
  • The spleen filters blood and makes white blood cells to fight infections.  
  • The kidneys are the powerhouse of the body: they purify our blood and play a key role in salt and water metabolism.    

How to do it

Free Stuff: Massage points for body regulator tapping to combat Fatigue and Brain Fog 
John Thie, DC and Matthew Thie, M. Ed, Touch for Health, DeVorss Publications, Camarillo, California, 2007, pg. 51. 
  • Notice any positive changes: comfort level, thoughts, emotions, clarity in your thinking, deeper breathing. 
  • Tap lightly and regularly on the right K27 point and the left NLRP spleen point simultaneously. Then repeat on the other side, left K27 and right NLRP spleen point. Use the image to guide you. 
  • To locate the spleen point, look at the image. The spleen point is below and slightly to the left ( on the left side body) or right(on the right side body) of the nipple line. It will usually be sensitive when massaged. 
  • The K-27 points are just under the clavicle, or collarbone. To find them, place your fingertips on the U-shaped notch at the top of the breastbone, right about where a man knots his tie. Then move your fingers out to each side and down about an inch. Most people have small depressions there. 
  •  Simultaneously and gently tap on both the spleen point and the opposite K27 point. Continue tapping for two minutes or more. Then switch sides. 

Some possible benefits* 

  • Can relieve throat, chest, and back pain. 
  • Can help create new homeostasis during times of transition. 
  • Can improve overall energy.  
  • Strengthen the immune system. 
  • Can help to Balance the electromagnetic field. 
  • Can facilitate deep breathing, which is key to releasing endorphins, the neuro-chemicals that relieve pain.  
  • Improves functioning of all the internal organs. 
  • Metabolizes energy: energy overwhelm can be experienced by feeling nauseous or faint after ingesting certain foods, medications, supplements, being in over-stimulating environments as well as being in a high energy environment. The incoming energy is overwhelming for your system and you are having trouble “digesting” it. 

*Benefits may vary. No research has been carried out to validate these statements.