Access Whole-Brain Learning with Ease

For Adults and Children

Learning is part of our daily living and growing. Facing a new job or a new relationship, learning a new computer skill or improving athletic or artistic performance all involve learning. As we strive to become more of who we are and overcome our shortfalls, we are constantly faced with new challenges.

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Do we struggle with old, inefficient patterns, or do we approach learning with the openness and freedom of movement of a child? As a developmental learning specialist, I can help you or your child move and learn more freely, accessing ease of learning at any stage of life: from infancy to childhood, young personhood, adulthood and into the elder years.

Relying on my training in specialized kinesiology, Touch for Health, Neurolinguistic Programming, Masgutova Neurostructural Reflex Integration, Brain Gym®, qigong healing, sound healing and more, I offer expertise leading to greater wholeness, emotional awareness, cognitive efficiency, and joyful living.

Along the way you will learn self-help tools to serve you and your family for the rest of your life.

Areas of Focus