Three Dimensions

The Brain Gym® program addresses three dimensions of neurological organization.

First is laterality, which relates to the neurological connectors between right and left brain. When both of these parts are working together, vision and hearing are enhanced, an individual articulates with ease, movements are coordinated and graceful, and skills such as reading and writing become easier.

Second is centering, referring to the connectors between the top and bottom parts of the brain, specifically, the neocortex and the limbic system. This is also known as the mind/heart connection. When working together, this part of the brain allows us to temper our emotions with reasoning, to get organized, and to integrate new information with existing knowledge.

Third is focus, referring to the connection between the back of the brain (brain stem) and the front brain (frontal lobes). This helps a person to know their mission in life and to keep their attention on the task. It allows one to be able to work on the big picture as well as the details simultaneously.

Integration of laterality, centering, and focus leads to whole brain functioning and whole brain learning. Through the techniques and skills taught in the Brain Gym program there is an increase in self-awareness, self-esteem, and improvement in our vision, reading, listening, memory, concentration, and over-all body coordination.


The practice of Brain Gym movements can result in reduced stress, better over-all sense of well-being, improved concentration and focus. In addition there are specific movements to improve vision, hearing, memory, and all academic skills as well as overall body coordination. The Brain Gym program has been used successfully in schools, in the work place, with groups and in private sessions.

Brain Gym is easy to learn, takes only a few minutes to practice, and is simple to do. The results are usually immediate.

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