Sample Brain Gym® Movements

To experience Brain Gym for yourself try out the Brain Gym Mini Menu. For vest results do twice each day in the order presented.

Water – drink a glass of water.

Increases energy, improves production and concentration (alleviates mental fatigue), improves test taking ability.

Brain Buttons – While holding navel area with one hand, rub with thumb and finger of the other hand in hollow area (2-3 inches apart) just below the collar bone on each side of the sternum (breast bone).

Increases clarity for any visual activity (especially reading) or thinking skill; beneficial when doing writing, typing, computer work, increases overall relaxation.

Cross Crawl – Touch hand to opposite knee, alternate moving one arm and opposite leg. Do for 1 to 2 minutes. Variation ` – touch opposite elbow to knee. Variation 2 – reach hand behind back to opposite foot.

Improves reading, writing, spelling, listening comprehension; improves left/right coordination.

Hook-ups – 1. While sitting or standing, cross one ankle over the other. Cross the same-side wrist of the other hand and touch palms together. Interlace fingers and draw hands up toward chest. Sit this way for one minute, eyes closed, breathing deeply. 2. Uncross legs and put fingertips together, breathing deeply for another minute.

Diffuses stress; improves self-esteem; establishes a positive orientation; promotes clear listening and speaking, aids in ability to function calmly in test taking; improves typing and computer work; helps reading, writing and spelling.

NOTE: The above first four BrainGym movements are called ‘PACE’ and get the mind and body ready to learn.

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