How I work with Clients

During the sessions:joan-how-i-work

I start with the person’s goal: they can be at multiple levels. I do not have to work on one level at a time as they are often interrelated. The levels include: structural, biochemical, emotional, electrical, spiritual/inspirational.

Then I look at what level this imbalance has been stored in the system. For example, it could be at the Emotional Level related to the “heart meridian”. Each meridian has specific emotions which are the domain of that meridian. Some examples of Heart Meridian Emotions are self-confidence, self-worth, self-doubt.

Next I address the most obvious and most easily accessible imbalance. For children with special needs it is often the Electrical system. What I want is to get the most significant change in the least amount of time. This encourages my client to commit to the work and the changes in her/his life which will support greater wholeness.

At this point I usually incorporate Neurostructural Reflex Integration (NSRI) from the MNRI program. This protocol addresses the structural level. This is comparable to shaking up your whole system to allow you to release the old patterns (relations of muscle to muscle, bone to muscle etc.) and return to a more balanced, efficient structural alignment. This is absolutely necessary BEFORE doing any reflex repatterning. Why? Because until you experience a sense of safety (NSRI does that at a non-verbal level, sending the message: “I am safe”), you will have little success in adding new information to the system which is what you are trying to do when working with reflex repatterning.

Once I have a more “open system”, I start working with the reflexes. At that point, if we have done our homework well enough, magic starts to happen!

Event & Workshops

Brain Gym Practicum
November 21
, 2019, 6-9pm
St. Ignatius Jesuit Centre, Hwy. 6 Guelph

Brain Gym 101
Sept 25/26 /27, 2020
St. Ignatius Jesuit Centre, Hwy. 6 Guelph

Engaging your Intuition for Healing
Apr. 6, Apr. 27, May 25. 2020
St. Ignatius Jesuit Centre, Hwy. 6 Guelph

Mentorship Program: Creating Excellence in your Private Practice
April to June 2020
St. Ignatius Jesuit Centre, Hwy. 6 Guelph

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