Celebrating 20 Years

A change in government in March 1995 saw the doors close on my anticipated employment at the university level. Remembering my Master’s Degree in Education, I decided to offer my services as a tutor until I figured out what I was supposed to be doing. As I began tutoring children I recalled the brief encounter I had had with Brain Gym® approximately 6 months prior to leaving France. Knowing little about the program but seeing the potential for enhanced success with the children I was tutoring, I sought out training.

An introductory Brain Gym course with a local trainer left me dissatisfied, so I contacted Sue Maes in London, ON. Sue was an established practitioner with extensive training in Applied Kinesiology as well as a Brain Gym consultant. After a one-day workshop with Sue, my fate was sealed. At the end of the workshop I went up to her and said: “I want to learn to do what you do!” So in the dead of winter (again!), and with no secure employment, I took Brain Gym 101, and then signed up for her internship program. Several months and 120 hours of training later, I was ready for action. The day after completing my training, I began applying what I had learned, and the rest is history!

Fast-forward to 2006: by then I had a well-established practice, attracting a full clientele, both children and adults. I knew that the practice of Brain Gym movements helped to reeducate primary reflex patterns, yet I shied away from working with more serious cases of neurological disorders. In order to further my understanding of these important reflex patterns, I attended The Canadian Summer Institute in Ottawa. Dr. Svetlana Masgutova, Ph.D., a developmental psychologist from Russia, was offering two workshops: MNRI Repatterning for Facial Reflexes, and MNRI birthing reflexes. I immediately saw the implications for working with more seriously-challenged children.

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