Brain Gym® 101

. . .Neurologically, nothing is set in stone. . .the brain is ready and waiting for constant development. . .it is uniquely designed for re-creation in the face of its challenges.
Randal McCesney, Foreword, Brain Gym Teacher’s Guide, 2010

Of all the courses I have taken over the past 20-odd years, this is the one that was the most life-changing. It continues to be my go-to program whenever I get stuck or feel unproductive. Learn how to make positive changes in all areas of your life – spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social, professional, physical.

This course is the first level of instruction offered by the Educational Kinesiology Foundation. Created as a result of years of research by Dr. Paul Dennison, Ph.D, Brain Gym® is a brilliant synthesis of applied kinesiology, left/right brain, acupressure, developmental optometry, and neurolinguistics. These techniques can be applied in the work setting, in schools, at home and at play to achieve both personal and professional success.

Program includes:

  • Self-awareness: expand your perceptual awareness in order to recognize and respond to internal cues
  • Self-esteem: develop a positive attitude about yourself, others and what you can achieve together
  • Assessment: discover simple tools to establish a base-line for improvement
  • Goal setting:  identify meaningful goals in alignment with your values and your legacy
  • Brain Gym Action Balance: a 5-step process making the achievement of  your goals easy and automatic
  • Using our senses: experience ways to continually improve our vision and reading, listening and memory, concentration and over-all body coordination
  • Learning challenges: Identify and learn steps to help.

Joan Agosta . . . is the best qualified person that I know to teach this with remarkable results.
Trish Dean, administrator, University of Guelph and Therapeutic Touch practitioner

After our Brain Gym class yesterday I feel confident and excited to use Brain Gym in my life. You run wonderful and inspiring classes. Thank you, Joan!
Mireille Martinez, classroom teacher, Waldorf School, Guelph.

Length of workshop: 24 hours (4 days)

Location: St. Ignatius Jesuit Centre, Hwy. 6 Guelph

Dates: Sept 25/26/27, 2020


Brain Gym® is a trademark of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation.

Event & Workshops

Brain Gym Practicum
November 21
, 2019, 6-9pm
St. Ignatius Jesuit Centre, Hwy. 6 Guelph

Brain Gym 101
Sept 25/26 /27, 2020
St. Ignatius Jesuit Centre, Hwy. 6 Guelph

Engaging your Intuition for Healing
Apr. 6, Apr. 27, May 25. 2020
St. Ignatius Jesuit Centre, Hwy. 6 Guelph

Mentorship Program: Creating Excellence in your Private Practice
April to June 2020
St. Ignatius Jesuit Centre, Hwy. 6 Guelph

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