Qigong Healing, The Fabulous Female Body, the importance of touch for the child’s development and more

If you are like me, a ton of invitations come to your “In” box with many laudable offerings, most of which you ignore. Over the last little while, several had me hitting the “yes” button, and am I ever glad I was paying attention! I’d love to share what I discovered with you.


Qigong Healing with Robert Peng
Your outer life reflects the quality of your Qi.
When you glow inside, the whole world shines.
Robert Peng.

Robert was a presenter in a week-long healing seminar organized by SoundsTrue.com. He exudes an aura of universal love and compassion. As a frail child growing up during the Cultural Revolution in the Hunan province, China, Robert meets Xiao Yao, a boiler-room attendant, a.k.a. Qigong Master and senior monk. Unbeknown to him, Xiao Yao heals Robert of a debilitating heart condition, and then, only eight years old, Robert becomes Xiao Yao’s student.

Robert is a master of Qi, the Life Force which permeates the universe and sustains all life. The great spiritual traditions of the ancient world recognized the existence of this Life Force. Surprisingly, it has been mostly ignored by the modern world. Here is an easy way to explain Life Force or Qi. Notice the taste of a meal prepared by someone who loves to cook compared to one you buy at a fast food chain like McDonald’s. Food can be imbued with Qi through the way it is grown, the way it is prepared, or simply through our intention.

Robert teaches us how to cultivate, harvest and store Qi, resulting in a healthier, more energy-rich, enjoyable and meaningful life  in which you can actualize more of your dreams, in the words of Robert Peng.  His techniques teach us how to awaken the Four Golden Wheels, an integrated network of subtle energy centers located inside the body and directly connected to our capacity for genuine happiness.

Robert currently lives in New York City and teaches worldwide. If you want to sample how to cultivate, harvest and store Qi, here is a short YouTube video, conducted by Robert, The Four Golden Wheels.

For further information, please visit robertpeng.com for books, DVDs, and training.


The Fabulous Female Body, an online course with
Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Many of you know Dr. Christiane Norththrup as the guru of women’s health through her seminal work: Women’s Body, Women’s Wisdom first published in 1995, revised in 2010. In addition to being an award winning author of over 40 books, Dr. Northrup has hosted five highly successful public television specials. Recognizing the unity of body, mind, and spirit, Dr. Northrup helps empower women to tune in to their innate inner wisdom to transform their health and their lives.

“If you’re a woman—whether you’re 19 or 90—you likely believe that something is “wrong” with your body, or that it’s only a matter of time before something goes wrong. But this is entirely untrue.
For ages, women have been shamed and misinformed about their bodies—and this legacy has been handed down to us for millennia. This permeates not only our culture at large but also the entire medical system, where normal functions of the female body have become pathologized and medicalized. We have been alienated from understanding our bodies, and our beliefs about our worthiness have taken a plunge (description from Hayhouse.com).

This is an eight-week online course teaching women everything you want and need to know not only to maintain your physical body, but to flourish throughout your life.
Dr. Northrup is an engaging, straight talking speaker and very entertaining!
Link to the course

Here are some other resources worth sharing:

The Little Chinese Medicine Book for Children with Down Syndrome,
2015 by Dr. Louisa Silva, M.D.

You may already know the work of Dr. Louisa Silva through her ongoing research and development of Qigong Massage techniques for Children with Autism. Dr. Silva is the founder and lead researcher at the Qigong Sensory Training Institute  in Oregon. She hypothesized that if autism develops because of loss of touch, then restoring touch with QST massage should reduce autism.  In her book addressing children with Down Syndrome, she shares the importance of touch to the developing mind.  Read more. . .Dr. Silva’s earlier publication, Qigong Massage for Your Child with Autism, 2010 (DVD included) has become a mainstay in my practice. Many children on the spectrum along with their parents have benefited from the program.

I have just finished reading her training manual for children with Down Syndrome.  I highly recommend it to all parents, not solely for the massage protocol, but for the useful parenting information, applicable to all children. Her discussion on diet and digestion, touch and the development of the mind, optimizing your child’s daily routine, and tools to improve behavior and coping skills are worth the read.

Here are a few highlights from her book:
Diet and Digestion (she includes a very easy-to-follow “signs of poor digestion” chart)
Meals should be simple in taste, home-made, warm and cooked. Avoid cold and raw food except for some fruit served as a snack. Vegetables should be cooked. No ice, no ice cream. Avoid sugar. When mucus congestion is present, try eliminating dairy for a while.
Touch is essential to the development of the mind. Children need touch like plants need the sun. It is essential to life itself. Children can survive without hearing or vision, but they cannot survive without loving, attuned touch…touch is brain food (per Dr. Silva).

There is an excellent discussion on the child’s self-regulation milestones, the basis of good health:  regular sleep, regular digestion, the ability to self-sooth, and the ability to pay attention (being a good learner). Ideally the child achieves these milestones in the first two years of her life.

For books and programs by Dr. Louisa Silva go to qsti.org


Upcoming workshops

Restore, Rejuvenate, Regenerate
August 24, 6pm-9pm, Guelph

In this workshop I will be sharing some of my favorite techniques for restoring  and rejuvenating your energy body to improve overall health and well-being.  Techniques and practices garnered over the past 21 years of healing practice, I use them regularly in order to stay healthy and do all the things I love.

Program includes techniques from Applied and Specialized Kinesiology, Energy Medicine, natural movement development, Qigong and more. Small group setting for optimal learning.

Cost: $45.00 plus HST.

Register now


Brain Gym 101
Sept 8/9 & Sept 15/16, 2017

Early registration applies until midnight, August 14/2017

Of all the courses I have taken over the past 20-odd years, this is the one that was the most life-changing. It continues to be my go-to program whenever I get stuck or feel unproductive. Learn how to make positive changes in all areas of your life – spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social, professional, physical.

This course is the first level of instruction offered by the Educational Kinesiology Foundation. Read more. . .



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For your convenience, I am now offering online Skype sessions. Especially geared towards clients who would not benefit from my services due to distance, this service is open to both new and returning clients. Some other reasons you might consider online sessions: weather conditions or your child’s health might preclude an office appointment. For regular clients, you might just need a quick “tune-up”. Convenience and cost factor are other reasons. Sessions are open to both children and adults. Read more. . .


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