New offerings for 2020

Ancestral Clearing *

Have you ever been told, “You sound just like your mother!” And you cringe, realizing you do!
Or you’ve caught yourself using an expression your dad often said that you hated hearing.

We all carry patterns of behaviour, attitudes, emotions, limiting beliefs and even gestures and expressions passed down from one generation to another. Not only do we inherit verbal patterns, but also movement patterns: posture, breathing, gait, etc., that are part of our family heritage.

According to the Toltec Tradition, we are destined to repeat the mistakes of our ancestors until we release the ties that bind us. Otherwise we relive the same scenario again and again, in different settings, stuck in the same paradigm.  As we clear our karma, we release the fear, guilt, anger, and past trauma we and our lineage have experienced. Doing so is a service not only for ourselves, but also for our children and all future generations. A second ritual creates the relationship with Spirit as our Father and Earth as our Mother. Here we have the opportunity to regain our power, adjoining our own power to the power of the Universe and the power of the Earth. With these new allies, we are ready to fulfill our greatest destiny.

Planting a new thought pattern*

The thoughts we think create our reality. How does that happen? Our thoughts become our beliefs supported by corresponding emotions, which then determine our behaviour. And we end up with the “self-fulling prophesy”.

Example: I always wanted to be a singer.  I think I sing out of tune. When I hear others sing, I feel untalented, ashamed, and sad. I don’t join a choir or practice singing (behaviour). So I never get a chance to develop my talents.

Using the Toltec technique of planting a new thought form, we give life to a thought form that will change the way you think about your self, how you feel, the way you live, and what you can achieve. 

*I discovered these techniques from my teacher, Sergio Magaña, renowned Mexican healer initiated in the  Totecayotl, the Nahua linage of ancient Mesoamerica including the dream work known as nahualism. Through these practices, you discover how to move energy harmoniously with the universe and its cycles in order to obtain specific results. 

Fees: $130.00 plus HST per technique. Do both techniques in the same session: $200.00 plus HST.